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Letter: Boys’ exemplary behavior should make parents proud

Boys’ exemplary behavior should make parents proud

On Aug. 18, my husband and I went to a fundraiser pancake breakfast hosted by the Buffalo Regals Pee Wee Minor Hockey Team, of which my grand-nephew is a player. Noah has always been a good, polite and gentle boy whenever we had family get-togethers, but last Sunday he and his teammates outdid themselves.

We were surprised that when we arrived, we were greeted at the first door by a very polite young Regal dressed in uniform. He opened the first door for us to the entrance hall and another Regal greeted us again and opened a second door for us. We were already feeling special when my 11-year-old nephew was right there to say hello, thank us for coming and offer me his arm to escort us to our table.

The “Regal” treatment didn’t end there. We were served by these young men immediately – fresh, hot coffee and pancake platters with bacon, butter and maple syrup. Several times, a Regal showed up at our table to make sure we had enough to eat and drink.

Now I know they were interested in raising money for the team, but it sure was a pleasure to see these young boys so mannerly and gracious. I’m also sure someone must have coached them on the art of hosting, and they did it all so charmingly.

In this day and age, it was such a pleasure to be surrounded by a group of young men who displayed such grace and respect for others. We were truly treated in a grand and “Regal” manner that made us feel like royalty. We wish the boys much success in the future.

Barbara Danielson


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