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Power rankings for August 25

(Through Thursday’s games. Most recent in parentheses)

1. Atlanta Braves. Have to stay out of Citi: First Hudson, now Heyward. (1)

2. Los Angeles Dodgers. Music to the ears: Scully signs for 2014. (4)

3. Pittsburgh Pirates. Cardinals hit town for three-game showdown Friday. (3)

4. Detroit Tigers. With 2.45 ERA, Sanchez having a great year too. (2)

5. Texas Rangers. Cleaning up in stretch of 24 straight vs. losing teams. (6)

6. St. Louis Cardinals. Ex-Bisons Mujica (back) and Westbrook (neck) both hurting. (7)

7. Boston Red Sox. Dempster was a dope. One shot was enough. (5)

8. Tampa Bay Rays. Went 6-3 after escaping West Coast. (8)

9. Cincinnati Reds. Season-ending forearm surgery for Broxton. (9)

10. Oakland Athletics. Below .500 since all-star break. (10)

11. Baltimore Orioles. Davis closing in on unlikely 50-HR season. (11)

12. New York Yankees. At some point, they’ll stop playing Blue Jays. Just not this week. (15)

13. Cleveland Indians. Brutal road week ahead: Braves, Tigers back-to-back. (12)

14. Arizona Diamondbacks. Goldschmidt on periphery of MVP race. (14)

15. Kansas City Royals. Falling out of race as fast as they got in it. (13)

16. Washington Nationals. Strasburg stunned by game-tying HR in ninth at Wrigley. (16)

17. Seattle Mariners. Great to see old friend Wedge back in the dugout. (20)

18. New York Mets. With Arencibia struggling, Blue Jays will rue dealing d’Arnaud. (19)

19. Colorado Rockies. Betancourt fearing meeting with Tommy John. (18)

20. Philadelphia Phillies. Manuel deserved better than a push out the door. (24)

21. San Diego Padres. Play 10 games outside NL West in September. (23)

22. Toronto Blue Jays. Bisons vs. Bronx Bombers opens Monday at Rogers Centre. (17)

23. Minnesota Twins. They’re going nowhere so here’s hoping they leave Rochester alone for playoffs. (21)

24. San Francisco Giants. Hard to believe they’re this bad. (25)

25. Los Angeles Angels. Trout fishing for cure for balky hammy. (22)

26. Milwaukee Brewers. Nice PR statement, Braun. Now sit in front of the cameras. (27)

27. Chicago Cubs. Offense finally woke up in series vs. Nats. (26)

28. Chicago White Sox. Ventura’s crew finding a late stride. (29)

29. Miami Marlins. Stanton goes deep into the fish sculpture. Fun stuff. (28)

30. Houston Astros. Imagine being a season ticket-holder. (30)

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