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Letters for August 25

Dempster’s plunking of A-Rod unnecessary

Last Sunday night Ryan Dempster of the Boston Red Sox threw the first pitch of the second inning behind Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees. Two pitches later he threw inside before hitting him with the fourth pitch. Plate umpire Brian O’Nora chose to warn both teams rather than eject Dempster for his obvious intentional act of using a baseball as a weapon. Naturally, Yankees manager Joe Girardi went ballistic and got ejected from the game.

Two days later, Major League Baseball recognized the incident for what it was and suspended Dempster for five games and fined him $2,500, while Girardi was fined $5,000. If O’Nora acknowledged what was obvious to everyone else, Girardi would have stayed in the game and never been fined.

Dempster is a “hero” to Red Sox fans and Yankee and A-Rod haters everywhere. He put his personal animus ahead of the team by putting a man on first with no outs, who came around to score in a game his team eventually lost. What a smart way to send his message. And the “fans” sent a great message to the kids by cheering a batter being intentionally hit by a pitched ball.

I am, in no way, defending nor condoning Alex Rodriguez, but he is entitled to appeal by the process afforded him in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Ironically, Dempster was a player union representative and, if he had chosen to appeal, could have played during the process.

Greg Lombardo


Three Sabres would be better off elsewhere

Three players the Sabres should trade include: Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford and Ryan Miller.

Myers is a soft non-physical defenseman that can’t clear the crease when pressured. He will invariably make a play, but he’s a journeyman at best. Stafford is another soft player. He doesn’t go to the net anymore, more of a perimeter player. Miller should be moved not because it’ll help the team, but to thank him for his good service. He should be moved out west to be with his wife.

James Furcoat


Bills’ stadium experience should be toned down

Last Friday, I attended the most annoying Bills football experience of my life. I went to enjoy a football game but had to put up with a rock concert.

After each opponents play the Bills blasted, not played, but blasted music so loud you couldn’t hear or understand the announcer. It made it very difficult to talk or hear the people around me, since we like to comment on the plays. By the second quarter I was getting a sore throat from trying to talk over the music.

Sometimes the noise, excuse me, music, lasted 25 seconds, sometimes nine seconds. Why play music for nine seconds when it does nothing to add to the quality of the game? We go to watch a game, not listen to bang, bang, boom, boom. Why can’t you let us enjoy the game?

Some music during timeouts is fine, but keep up the noise and I’m staying home.

Jack Howard


There’s always a way to keep hope alive

Hope springs eternal. I believe this is the year there will be world peace and all the soldiers will be able to come home to their families. This is the year the rich will donate 99 percent of their money to ending childhood poverty and making sure all children get a great education. This is the year the Bills will win the Super Bowl and the Sabres will win the Stanley Cup.

To be prepared, I was going to cut my Fred Jackson and Tyler Ennis shirts in half and sew the right half of one to the left half of the other, but my fingers don’t work well enough any more. Is there a company out there who would make this shirt for all of us optimistic fans?

Jeanette Andrews


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