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Letter: Give immigrants tools they need to succeed

Give immigrants tools they need to succeed

I have been closely following the ongoing crisis in Buffalo schools. Although there are many social and economic issues inhibiting learning, one thing that is often mentioned is the fact that a large number of city students cannot speak English.

Am I missing something or should it be, first of all, a priority to teach these kids the English language? Non-English speaking children should spend their first year learning to speak English. This one year would not set them back, but propel them to excel in future years.

I am sure the “politically correct” police would condemn this idea as being culturally insensitive, stigmatizing children who cannot speak English. I see it as a way of enhancing their lives by allowing them to succeed in an English-speaking country instead of ensuring their failure and their children’s failure.

Give these young immigrants the tools and they can build a future in America. Hobble them with the chains of ignorance and they will curse us.

Paul Weslow


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