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Letter: Extreme right wing isn’t helping country

Extreme right wing isn’t helping country

Hatred is now the chief motivating force for the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. The re-emergence of the birther issue, recent racial mockings of the president and inaction by the House on immigration reform, powered by new voting restrictions in North Carolina, illustrate this deep-seated hatred. That extreme right wing is doing nothing to create jobs, improve education or help our national defense.

I sometimes hear Sen. Ted Cruz shed tears for the future of the country while he quietly lets his party’s right wing make a sham of racial and economic justice. He even thinks he would make a good president.

What has been puzzling in this blitz of hatred has been the silence by the religious right wing of that same party. Silence is a way of condoning the many sins of hatred. It would be interesting to know what passages in the Bible support hatred of the poor, oppressed and minority peoples?

Joseph M. Yonder


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