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What are you eating?: Good eating brings smiles

Dr. Joseph Gambacorta’s passions include dentistry and hockey.

Gambacorta, 47, of Kenmore, closed his Amherst dental practice last June to become assistant dean of clinical affairs at the University at Buffalo Dental School. Good dental hygiene figures into his eating habits.

What’s your philosophy of eating?

You want to eat five fruits and vegetables a day and stay away from sticky, sugary treats, anything that bathes your teeth in sugar all day: soda, caramel, hard candy, anything that’s really hard to chew. I wouldn’t eat anything that can expose my teeth to sugar for a half-hour.

What foods do you eat that are good for your teeth?

Anything that has calcium. Fruits, vegetables. Water, too, is really good. A dried-out mouth will lead to decay.

The food you can’t resist?

I love M&Ms. After I eat them, I brush right away.

– Scott Scanlon

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