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Letter: Teachers’ pensions hurting taxpayers

Teachers’ pensions hurting taxpayers

The recent musings of a retiring public school educator in My View will kindle similar visions among others considering retirement. Plans for more family time, volunteering, undertaking projects around the house and, of course, golf, would evoke hopeful scenarios from many in Western New York.

But the writer, being a public school employee, will have an easier time of realizing this goal because, according to seethroughny.gov, his current salary of $116,000-plus should yield a gross monthly retirement check of about $5,800. Hence after 14½ years, he will have received $1 million. “Take me with you, too.”

It may seem axiomatic that educators are entitled to a million-dollar-plus retirement package, but all are not so equal. Take a teacher at Christ the King, a school that consistently places in the top five for test results. I suspect most of its teachers can expect something less than a cool million upon retirement.

So next year when the Ken-Ton District raises its school taxes 3.7 percent or so (praise the governor for the 2 percent tax cap), the school taxpayers can take comfort that “it is for the kids.” Well, at least what’s leftover after these state-mandated retirement severances.

Likewise the filers of New York State income taxes should feel satisfied, although those fortunate enough to receive the payouts will no longer be among them as they are exempt from these bothersome payments. Good luck on the links.

T. Pat Leary


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