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Letter: Leaders can unite nation by reinstituting the draft

Leaders can unite nation by reinstituting the draft

Congress and society haven’t been this divided and dysfunctional since the Civil War. It is truly sad to see advocates of the so-called free market support an unfair system they know is putting fellow Americans out of work.

Federal deficits are in the trillions, cities are bankrupted, school budgets are depleted and adults are competing for entry-level service jobs to subsist. The current trade and economic system allows multinationals to make this fatal bargain with foreign countries that operate with 17th century labor and environmental standards, manipulate currency and practice protectionism.

As a first step, our leadership should employ the draft as a proven program that unites citizens and puts everyone on equal footing. Serving together in dependence and cooperation for the common good helps eliminate prejudices. It puts everyone on the same page with shared risk when making war, and motivates us to be a more peaceful nation. It provides employment, earned benefits and training.

Ultimately, it is only ourselves we can count on for deliverance from the perils of nature and aggression. This is where our focus belongs, instead of exporting American wealth, technology, industrial capacity and jobs.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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