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Letter: Leave pets at home for summer festivals

Leave pets at home for summer festivals

In regard to a recent letter about taking dogs to summer outdoor festivals, I agree with the writer 100 percent. Having owned dogs forever, I would not subject my pet to the hot pavement, the people, the hot sun and the lack of water. It is not fair to expose them to these conditions.

When attending the outdoor festivals, and I do mostly all of them – Allentown, Lewiston, Elmwood Avenue, etc. – I am appalled at how many people bring their dogs to these happenings. It is so unfair to their pets and to the other folks around. I really feel that the organizers need to ban four-legged creatures from attending.

Being an animal lover, I will stop and pet the dogs, and ask what their breed and name is. I wonder, how does a dog like having so many people petting it and being stopped many times? Taking your pet for a walk is great, but not to these functions. They are out in the hot weather for hours while their owners are looking from booth to booth, chatting with friends they meet and otherwise distracted. How many times has a dog jumped up at you or licked your leg (if you are wearing shorts)? Pets belong at home. I do hope that organizers will take this into consideration and do something about it. I am really concerned about this.

Gilda Laufer


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