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Letter: Governor’s TV ads are full of misinformation

Governor’s TV ads are full of misinformation

I find myself in the dubious position of agreeing with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in one of his recent ads. I, too, believe we should have a government in Albany we can trust. Unfortunately, we don’t. Take the SAFE Act. Passed in the middle of the night without the usual waiting period as a matter of “necessity,” it was so badly written that there have already been several amendments to it and yet thousands of New Yorkers were made instant criminals, including retired law enforcement officers. When 52 elected sheriffs criticized the law, the governor reminded them that he had the power to remove them from their elected offices. In essence, trying to curtail their First Amendment right to free speech as well as already curtailing the Second Amendment.

In another ad, he says New York is open for business. However, Kahr Firearms, after scouting locations in Orange County for a new manufacturing plant, is now going to build in Pennsylvania. Additionally, it will be moving its corporate offices. Remington Arms, which provides 1,200 jobs in Ilion, is now looking at locations in Tennessee. So much for providing jobs for New Yorkers.

On the international scene, the governor recently created an international incident with Canada over the Peace Bridge. He found out that while he may browbeat New York, he can’t do the same to a sovereign nation. Basically, everything agreed to was what was already proposed.

Speaking of sovereign nations, he once again tooted his own horn over the agreement with the Seneca Nation. He didn’t get his way, but took credit for it anyway.

In another Cuomo press release, we’re told health care costs will be going down in New York in 2014. If this is so, why did my wife and I just receive notice that our insurance premium will be going up?

Welcome to New York.

Thomas Pawelczak


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