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Letter: Education failure is simply not an option

Education failure is simply not an option

Is it only my perspective from media reporting or is there an invisible 4,000-pound elephant present in the boardroom of the Buffalo Public School system?

The State Education Department has classified 42 of the district’s 63 schools as failures in delivering public education. This is unacceptable by any standard. This situation did not occur overnight – it is the elephant in the room. Imagine how long in a corporate venue such a failure rate would be allowed to function. Education failure is not an acceptable option.

Rather than transferring 2,219 students from the 42 failing schools, the problem should be addressed at each of these schools where the problem originated. Otherwise, as projected in the approved transfer plan, these same schools will continue to provide additional numbers of transfer students in the out years. The elephant is present – deal with it.

One of the new criteria in the core subject standards is the use of critical thinking by students. Maybe it should also be adopted by the school administration and the Board of Education. Reading and writing only does not cut it.

Leon S. Regent

Former suburban school board

trustee, Cheektowaga

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