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Quality arts education pays off in the long run

A round of applause to Mayor Byron W. Brown for finding a creative way to restore funding for Buffalo’s instrumental music programs, (“City school music programs to be restored – with strings,” Aug. 13 News).

Everyone needs to do his part to ensure that our nation’s children have access to a quality arts education. Using resourceful thinking and a drive to equip Buffalo’s students with arts education classes, and through them the tools they need to succeed in their future careers, Brown has done just that – at least for the immediate future while long-term solutions can be explored.

Controlled studies reveal a powerful, positive relationship between study in the arts and other academic subjects, attitudes and behaviors, and research shows that students who study the arts outperform their peers who do not. In addition, study of the arts also teaches discipline, creative thinking, problem-solving and communications skills – all of which are essential for today’s youth to succeed in the 21st century workforce.

Robert L. Lynch

President and CEO

Americans for the Arts

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