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Alan Pergament: ‘Antique Pickers’ stars have found their way to Buffalo

This is what I’m thinking.

Like antique dealers looking for hidden gems, a journalist can find stories in the strangest ways.

On Tuesday night, I ran into a story.

Developer Rocco Termini stopped me as I was leaving his popular downtown restaurant Tappo and said he wanted me to meet a TV star.

Mike Wolfe of History Channel’s popular series “American Pickers” was holding court with some fans when we were introduced.

He told me he was in town to film on Wednesday. When I asked where, he said he and co-star Frank Fitz aren’t told where they are going to look “for hidden antique and collectible gems at junkyards, basements and barns.”

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolfe found his way to Elmwood Avenue since there seems to be an antique store every 10 feet in certain stretches of the street. Wolfe will have to look for barns elsewhere.

I told Wolfe that his series is very popular here. It made my Sunday list of the most popular cable series in Western New York, with episodes getting ratings in the 3s and 4s here in July. That’s higher than many broadcast network series get here.

The show’s popularity here isn’t surprising since Western New Yorkers love antiques and bargains.


The CBS Sports announcement of NFL announcers Tuesday in New York City had one notable omission: Kenmore’s ageless Don Criqui, who has worked a limited schedule of games lately, wasn’t on the list or mentioned as doing some games. So I asked the network’s public relations department if that was an oversight.

It turns out the 73-year-old Criqui, who has frequently turned up on Bills games and has been doing NFL games for almost a half century, isn’t going to work any CBS games this season, according to the network. It hasn’t been easy for Criqui to work Sunday games because he is the radio play-by-play man of Notre Dame football, which is his alma mater.

By the way, CBS’ No. 2 team, Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf, has been assigned to work the Bills season opener against New England on Sept. 8. Criqui also did Patriots preseason game for almost 20 years, but he and analyst Randy Cross were dropped.


Inquiring minds with Time Warner Cable want to know: Where is Al Jazeera America, which premiered Tuesday in about 45 million homes with a lineup of anchors and reporters, some of whom may be familiar to some avid news viewers? The most likely to be known are Antonio Mora, Sheila MacVicar, John Seigenthaler and Joie Chen. A Time Warner spokesman said Wednesday that the cable giant is in discussions with Al Jazeera America, which replaces Current TV. Time Warner dropped Current nationally after it was sold to Al Jazeera earlier this year.


Channel 2, the local NBC affiliate, will air an episode of “Meet the Press” at noon Wednesday that featured Dr. Martin Luther King and Roy Wilkins of the NAACP and aired three days before the historic March on Washington and King’s “I Have a Dream” speech 50 years ago.

NBC is allowing all of its affiliates to carry the half-hour program in the window of Aug. 25-28.

Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner chose to air the program, which first aired on Aug. 25, 1963, on Wednesday because that is the anniversary of The March and King’s speech.

Mindful that many people are working at noon, Toellner suggested that viewers set their DVRs or other recording devices to watch it at their convenience.

If you are inspired by “Meet the Press” and want to see Dr. King’s speech after the program airs, it is available online.


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