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Stop punishing customers who try to conserve water

I’m a Town of Evans resident and the Erie County Water Authority just took over our water and billing because our past board neglected it and got $16 million in the hole.

My first water bill came and the cost doubled. The Water Authority has a minimum charge of 9,000 gallons. It is ripping off its customers by forcing us to pay for 9,000 gallons of water, no matter how little water we use.

I was taught, and I taught my kids and now grandkids, to conserve natural resources. We are being penalized by the Water Authority for doing that very thing, conserving water. We are forced to pay for 9,000 gallons even if we use only 3,000.

Why should we pay for thousands of gallons of water that we haven’t used? You wouldn’t pay for 20 gallons of gas when you pumped only 10!

This huge markup is criminal. This water scam falls most heavily on single people, the elderly, those without children and those of us who make an effort to conserve water. Customers should pay for what they actually use – the number of gallons that registers on our water meters – and nothing more.

Margaret D. Loretto


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