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Bulls pausing to hear speech by president

If you can’t beat him — and who trumps the president? — join him.

UB’s football team has been denied access to the stadium complex until President Obama clears campus sometime around 2 p.m. today. Coach Jeff Quinn’s first thought was to move team meetings and the like off campus until the Bulls could return to their digs.

“Well, in a minute it hit me,” Quinn said. “I got a chance to take the entire football team to listen in person to the president of the United States?”

Quinn secured tickets with the help of the university administration. The Bulls will attend the president’s speech and then practice from 6-8 p.m.

“It’s exciting,” senior wideout Fred Lee said. “I’ve never had an opportunity to see the president. UB and compliance did a great job helping us get tickets so we could go see the president, an historical moment.”

“It’s awesome,” said senior cornerback Najja Johnson. “I’m definitely thrilled about it. Not too many people have heard a president speak in person and to be in his company is going to be great. It does distract from our football camp but I think it’s a worthy time to go out there and learn from the experience of it.”

Lee and Johnson both walked the middle of the aisle on the topic of where they stand politically.

“I’m kind of in between, I guess you would say,” said Lee, a native of Chester, S.C. “I don’t really choose either side. In America you have the opportunity to live your life the way it is and not get involved in taxes and all those things. You can have a Republican in, you can have a Democrat in, but taxes are going up and gas is still going to be $5 a gallon. Crime rate will be the same, everything will be the same, so I kind of just live it myself.”

“I’m supportive of any of our presidents,” said Johnson, who is from Atlanta. “It doesn’t matter who the president is. I’m always going to support our president, our commander in chief, and I’m always going to look forward to hearing him speak no matter what party he is.”


The Bulls will wrap up the week with practice at 10:15 Friday morning and noon Saturday. … The Bulls remain banged up on the offensive line (guard Dillon Guy, center Trevor Sales). Lee also sat out most of practice Wednesday. … Five NFL scouts were on hand Wednesday, which is believed to be the camp high. With Khalil Mack regarded as a potential first-round pick and teammates also in the draft mix there’s been at least one scout on hand most days throughout camp.

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