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The Buzz: On hip hip-hop, kale, and more

Hip hip-hop

Last fall, when Toronto hip- hoppers Abdominal and the Obliques released their rap paean to the Buffalo chicken wing, Buzz suggested a music video. And lo! It shows the clout we wield in the music world that the video is now up and available for viewing on the Buzz Blog. There is slavering footage of the Anchor Bar and what can best be described as food porn. We are talking huge, glistening wings, dipped in slo-mo into oozing fats of blue cheese. Did we type fats? We meant vats. Same difference, as we say here in Buffalo. Anyway, it’s seductive to hear the tongue-in-cheek – make that wing- in-cheek – Abdominal work such words as Dominic and Bellissimo into hip-hop rhythms. One viewer writes: “Hands down the most mouthwatering video I have ever seen.”

Buffalo-style kale

A farmer at the historic Clinton-Bailey Market told Buzz that one of those farmers’ market activists showed up trying to tell them their business. “He said, ‘You need to get modern, you need to do this or that, you’d get more people,’ ” the farmer said, shrugging dismissively. Buzz shares his scorn. At the tonier markets, you would never hear a conversation like the one we heard involving a woman buying a bunch of kale, a vegetable worshipped by the chic. Kale buyer: “I’ve never tried it before, but I’ve heard it’s good for you. We’re going to get healthy!” Farmers and fellow customers, including Buzz: “Hahahahahahahaa!” Buyer, enjoying her audience: “We’re going to put cheese on it. We’ll find some way to mess it up.”

Cheers to the Bills …

… courting the female audience! The Bills tweeted a contest by ReedsJenss, called “Give a Knee.” You sign up at, and the winner gets a diamond ring worth up to $5,000, plus VIP tickets to a game where you get the chance to propose on the 50-yard line. Buzz has thrown our cap into the ring, because heck, that ring is worth $5,000, and we think it would look good on us. So what if we are already married? We can work out the logistics after we win. After all, as the song goes: “We get no kick from the Bills! Mere pro football doesn’t thrill us at all, we can’t learn to follow the rules! But we get a kick out of jewels!”

Drugstore cowboys

Buzz is addicted to the Magic Coupon Machine at CVS. It keeps giving us free lipstick and Softsoap and whatever. We worship you, O Coupon Machine! But this week our addiction caught up with us. A gentleman held the door open for us. “I’ve seen you before,” he said. “Do you work here?” Buzz said no, we just come here a lot. … Elsewhere on the drugstore front, a friend found himself standing in line at Rite Aid behind a chap with a case of beer and two big bags of chips. “The cashier asked him, ‘Do you have your Wellness card?’ ” he reports. “So straight-facedly,” he adds. “It just made me howl.”

The buzz

Seen at Willowbrook Foods, a 50-pound bag of panko, or Japanese breadcrumbs. At last, enough for a decent fish fry! … It’s inspiring to watch those construction workers downtown hefting giant concrete slabs, neatly clearing the street lamps. One worker said: “It’s like a work of art.”


“With butter and vinegar and a little dash of cayenne/ Taste so delicious they clearly weren’t meant for flyin’ … ”

– Abdominal, rapping on Buffalo wings

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