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Congress has not earned the right to take vacation

This Congress, especially the House, is a total disgrace. So far in 2013, 22 bills have passed, only five of which were substantive. The rest are naming bridges and post offices.

Members had filibustered the very idea of taking a vote on a piece of legislation more than 400 times. They have refused to act on infrastructure upgrades, immigration, voter rights and tax reform. In addition, climate change, debt ceiling and budget issues remain.

Not a single jobs bill – which, during the 2012 presidential campaign, was all the Republicans could talk about – has been dealt with. House Speaker John Boehner, a totally ineffectual leader, says it doesn’t matter how many bills they pass – only, the number they repeal. To date, none has been repealed, either.

Congress has done nothing for this country of a positive nature. Members have only protected their own jobs, through gerrymandered districts, and their own interests. For this, they don’t deserve five weeks of vacation – let alone their paychecks.

Nancy R. Johnston


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