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’Tis the season for harvesting discounts

Yes, summer is winding down. It’s depressing, I know. But at least we have some positive things to look forward to: the arrival of autumn, the return of our kids to school (and of peace and quiet to our homes) and the opportunity to purchase lots of different things at great bargains.

August and September are the best months to make a few key purchases. If any of them are on your list, now may be the best time to strike.

New Cars. The new 2014 models roll out at the end of summer and early fall, so never-driven 2013 models will be discounted, according to AutoTrader.com.

To get an even better deal, time your purchase for the end of the day (when salesmen are motivated to close the deal and get home), at the end of the month (when salesmen are trying to meet sales goals) and on rainy days (when sales are slow).

Kindle Fire. Amazon is expected to launch a new Kindle Fire model in September, according to DealNews.com. That means you’ll be able to scoop up the latest technology or get a bargain on the previous model. Either way, wait until September to pull the trigger.

The same goes for the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Grills. You can pay hundreds of dollars less for a new grill at the end of summer than you would at the beginning. And who are you kidding? You’ll be out there grilling steaks during the Super Bowl.

Perennial plants and flowers. Some stores will literally give them away. Yeah, they look nearly dead now, but put them in the ground, and you’ll (most likely) have beautiful blooms to look forward to next year.

Holiday season airfare. There are a million factors, but a good rule of thumb is to book in August and September to secure lower rates. Prices rise as the holidays approach and begin to skyrocket around Thanksgiving.

Office supplies. Back-to-school sales bring out everything from three-cent crayons to two-dollar flash drives. Take advantage and stock up on paper, pens, glue and anything else you need to keep your home, office or craft room running.

Computers and laptops. New computer models launch in early summer, so prices on previous models drop. Time your purchase to coincide with back-to-school sales for an even better deal.

55-inch 3-D HD televisions. These televisions hit their lowest prices ever in July, according to DealNews.com, and are expected to stay in the $549 to $659 price range through September.

Walmart and Dell.com are expected to have the best deals, with Dell.com bundling its offers with $100 or $200 gift cards.

Swimsuits. Does anybody really buy their bathing suit at the beginning of the season? I’ve been getting mine on summer closeout ever since I scored a hot pink, French-cut one-piece for 97 cents at Hills Department Store.

Summer clothes. Get the kids some shorts for gym class and grab yourself and the hubby some tank tops that can be worn as undershirts all year.

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