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There are creative ways to get kids to clean up

Anyone who has taught elementary school knows that students love to have special assignments with a title. Each week, the teacher can name two students (even kindergarten) “inspector.” That is, if this isn’t against their contract.

Every student should be responsible for cleaning up his or her own area and putting the garbage into a container in the front of the room. After breakfast, the “inspectors” check the room and roll the container into the hall.

Maintenance can come around and collect all the garbage bags. Then they leave the container to be rolled back into the room with a clean garbage bag.

Buffalo schools have enough problems without searching for a trivial occurrence and expanding it into a major problem that demands conferences with parents, volunteers, union leaders, state Education Department and so on.

Chalk up another mountain out of a molehill to Phil Rumore.

Kathryn E. Morgan

Orchard Park

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