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Letter: Dipson offers comfort from a local business

Dipson offers comfort from a local business

An Aug. 15 News article referenced an area “national chain” movie theatre with a few fancy new seats, 100 types of drinks, gourmet snacks and wanting to “revolutionize the way people watch movies in Buffalo.”

For more than 75 years, locally owned and operated Dipson Theaters has employed thousands of our area residents, bought their supplies from local businesses and been a fixture in the arts community as a loyal supporter and generous donor.

Dipson Theaters completed a recent multimillion-dollar expansion and remodeling project at Flix Stadium 10 on Transit Road, which utilized locally owned and area architects, construction and design company’s to install all new screens, a phenomenal digital sound system, huge leather seats plus state of the art D-Box motion technology seats. Although the “national chain” movie theaters employ our area residents, their profits and purchasing go out of our region.

I will shop local, eat local and buy local so my purchases stay local.

Frank Calieri

West Seneca

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