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Sale of Salamanca Elementary still on track

SALAMANCA – Only the governor making a visit to the area has derailed progress on the planned sale of a former elementary school in the county’s second-largest city.

The former Seneca Elementary building is mostly empty. Crews are doing the normal cleaning, and a small pile of surplus items still sits in the building in Salamanca.

Faculty and staff already have made the transition to new facilities, and talks continue on the building’s future, according to Superintendent Robert Breidenstein.

“Everything is moving along nicely,” he said. “The staff had everything moved out about three and a half weeks ahead of schedule. The move went better than anyone had planned. The teachers were amazing on how well they got everything ready for the move. It was truly a Herculean effort.

“The only thing that is still going on, other than the cleaning, is the removal of some technology equipment that is rented from BOCES.”

As far as discussions with the Seneca Nation on the purchase of the building, they continue, he said.

“We were getting close to a major financial statement, and then we had to postpone everything when the governor came down with a $35 million check. I think we can put things on hold for that,” Breidenstein said of the June casino revenue agreement between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Seneca Nation leaders that resulted in $34.5 million for Salamanca. “The two sides were supposed to meet that day.”

As for a timetable in getting everything finalized and all of the municipal building sale documents in order for a referendum, Breidenstein said he was confident that the deal was getting very close to finalization but would not commit to a firm timeline.

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