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Letters to the Sports Editor for Aug. 15

Byrd has gotten greedy, should be playing

Buffalo Bills free safety Jairus Byrd is an important part of the defense except like other players, he has gotten greedy. Yes, he did make the Pro Bowl last year and he wants to be paid top money among players at his position. Byrd is good, but in comparision to the likes of Troy Polamalu, Champ Bailey and Ed Reed when in their prime, he is not in their league. If Byrd was smart, he would play out his franchise year and prove on the field that he should be paid top dollar. That old saying “actions speak louder than words” goes a long way.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Bisons’ anthem singer performs admirably

I attended the Aug. 3 Bisons game with several dear friends. We originally went to get our celery bobbleheads and enjoy a good ball game on a beautiful Saturday evening. The main event to me, however, was the young lady who sang the national anthems.

I did not hear her introduction, but when she began to sing the anthems acapella, I was all ears. This young lady sang so beautifully, it was a joy to hear. The Canadian anthem is not usually sung in American sports parks and arenas, so it isn’t artisically performed the way the Star-Spangled Banner is. Not so with this performer. Her rendition was clear, respectfully performed and, in my mind, the way our national anthem was meant to be sung. If this young lady takes voice lessons, I think she should teach them.

Donna M. Stack


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