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Letter: Festival is no place to take the family dog

Festival is no place to take the family dog

My husband and I decided to attend what turned out to be a wonderful day at one of our local summer festivals, the Lewiston Art Festival.

We strolled amongst the many vendors’ displays and, after some time, tended to notice some attendees there with their dogs, some large, some small.

At one point we witnessed a large bulldog-type pet come very close to attacking another dog near it. We were very thankful when these two dogs didn’t attack each other and maybe include one of the nearby children.

How long will it be until a child or another attendee at the festival is caught in the middle of an altercation? Why do the owners of these wonderful pets feel it necessary to take them to the festival?

Surely they are left at other times when it is not appropriate to take them out with their owners.

We are aware the animals are not able to “reason,” but surely their owners can. If not, maybe it’s time the organizers of these festivals put some regulations in place to restrict the dogs’ attendance before it is too late.

We are concerned and hope others are too.

Carolyn Tessier


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