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Letter: Two presidents would help on the Keystone Pipeline

Two presidents would help on the Keystone Pipeline

In consideration of a recent letter calling for the opening of the Keystone Pipeline, I would like to suggest that America is big enough to have two presidencies operating at the same time.

Those who voted for Barack Obama to be their president largely voted to not give America energy independence, thus making us more dependent on foreign oil. We who voted for Mitt Romney to be our president would like to tap into this pipeline so we wouldn’t need to depend on foreign oil so much.

This being the case, let us experiment with a dual presidency for the next few years. Barack Obama can be president for those who choose to operate by the Democrats’ vision, and we can have Mitt Romney as president to represent our interests and needs.

Where the Keystone Pipeline is concerned, all of us get to enjoy consumer benefits of not having to pay such exorbitant prices at the pump. However, those of us who voted for President Romney get the added tax benefits.

Given that Obama and his administration have seen fit to transgress upon the Constitution, I say what’s one more transgression? Let’s have two presidencies. Obama for his adherents and Romney for his.

Let’s see which presidency does the better job these next three-plus years for its partisans.

Lloyd Marshall Jr.


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