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Drivers could use a lesson on how to handle roundabouts

I found it interesting that we apparently do not know how to handle roundabouts. Living near the traffic circles in Amherst/Cheektowaga, it is simple to come to that conclusion, and, unfortunately, recent accidents confirm this.

I learned to drive in Europe, where roundabouts are a way of life from the large traffic circles to mini roundabouts, 6-foot-diameter concrete domes.

The rule is very simple; traffic on the roundabout has the right of way over traffic approaching the roundabout. Or simply, give way to traffic on your left. Also, you do not stop when you are on the roundabout.

I think what is needed is a public information video on all our local television stations explaining the correct way to use roundabouts.

With regard to a junction being too busy for a roundabout, this is ridiculous. In Paris, Le Place de Charles de Gaulle is a very large traffic circle. It has 12 major highways coming into it. Low traffic volume here is comparable to Buffalo at rush hour.

People need to be more courteous and give up the “me first” syndrome that many are afflicted with. The roundabout is designed to merge traffic and control speed.

Are we too stupid to understand this worldwide tried and tested concept in traffic management?

Derek Stewart


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