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From the Home Front: Warming up to cooler days yet?

I know it cooled off in recent days, but I couldn’t help but notice a woman walking down the street wearing what appeared to be UGG boots.

I spotted someone else in a hat and some sort of scarf on her morning stroll. Then I came across yet another woman wearing a fleece-lined Columbia jacket, inside an office.

“I’m cold,” she said, with a little shudder.

What will she wear in October? I wondered. And has she switched to flannel sheets yet?

It’s interesting to see how people dress differently for the weather. While some wear boots to walk the dog on chilly mornings in August and September, others continue to wear sandals straight through fall. I remember a woman once telling me that she doesn’t pack away her sandals until November. Then she gets them out again months later on the first day over 50 degrees, being sure to paint her toenails before leaving the house, of course.

This week I saw one person rolling the trash can to the curb in a T-shirt and shorts. Another doing the same in a heavy cardigan sweater. Some women out there may already be eyeing the dark hosiery in their dresser drawers, while others wouldn’t even dream of wearing any hosiery at all yet.

Step in any supermarket and you’ll see sun dresses on some; long dress pants on others. Tank tops in Aisle 8. Warm sweaters in the express lane.

Of course the reverse happens come late winter, early spring. One break in the weather brings out people – often young but not always! – in shorts, even if there still is snow on the ground. Coats come off, sleeves get rolled up, car windows go down.

Now that the school year is about to begin, parents of young children know what’s bound to happen in some households. Many kids want to wear their new fall clothes in September, even if it’s 75 degrees – and even warmer in the classroom. Patterned tights? Intarsia sweater with a cute puppy dog face? Corduroy blazer? Fringed boots? Why not?

Or check out the student photographs in the yearbook, likely taken early in the school year. Some kids are in sleeveless shirts. Others, sweaters.

Of course we all have different tolerances for heat and cold, and a number of factors go into how we feel with the temperature on any given day, at any given time. But there’s a mindset that goes along with this, too.

“Some people can’t wait to get into their fall clothes,” said one friend, who feels the opposite, preferring to wear her “colorful and cheap” summer clothes as long as possible.

“Summer clothes are fun; winter clothes are more of an investment,” she said.

Still, it can be a nice feeling to pull on a ribbed turtleneck again, after months of sporting white, easy-to-stain T-shirts. Or a favorite pair of dark jeans, fleece sweatshirt, houndstooth skirt or, for just puttering around inside the house, warm socks scrunched down just a bit.

Me? I’m not ready for any of those things quite yet. But one thing occurred to me as I walked out of the house the other day wearing white summer pants, sandals and a sleeveless cotton top.

I probably should go back inside and grab a sweater.


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