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Cross-border canines cooperate to catch a thief

Buffalo and Niagara Regional Police K-9 cops joined forces this week in the war on crime.

The binational effort to track down a burglar proved victorious thanks to Thor, the dog assigned to Buffalo Police Lt. Salvatore Losi.

It all began Tuesday afternoon during a joint training session of the officers and their dogs, when Constable Rob Kroon received a radio call alerting him of a man attempting to burglarize a home in Niagara Falls, Ont. Neighbors were shocked at the brazen crook who was committing the crime in broad daylight.

But because Kroon’s dog is still learning K-9 work, the constable asked Losi and Thor, and Buffalo Officer MaryEllen Sawicki and her dog, Herc, to assist.

In a matter of minutes, they were hot on the trail of the burglar, who had fled.

“All three dog teams responded to the crime scene and were told by witnesses that the suspect had been last seen walking away down a sidewalk,” Losi said. “I hooked my dog up to his tracking harness and, with the other officers as backup, attempted to pick up the suspect’s trail. Immediately, Thor pulled me down the sidewalk.”

The tracking led police to a backyard shed, but the suspect was nowhere to be found. But they had faith in Thor’s nose and didn’t give up.

“Canadian officers canvassed the general vicinity and located the suspect in a home a short distance away. The suspect admitted to being in the area where the canine track had ended and said he had left in a vehicle,” Losi said. The man was charged with burglary.


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