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Letter: America is headed for economic chaos

America is headed for economic chaos

In 1975, our politicians decided to win votes by creating jobs using economic stimulus handouts. Their accomplice has been our Federal Reserve. The handouts have included easy federal debt, easy bank loan debt, easy printed money, easy tax credits and easy student loan debt.

Our politicians and Federal Reserve claim that economic stimulus handouts are needed to create economic growth. Common sense tells us that handouts result in economic growth consisting of carelessness and waste. One example is the 2007 financial crisis. Another is per capita health care spending that is twice that of other developed nations.

The stimulus handouts stimulated our birth rate. This has required more handouts in order to keep unemployment from increasing. Since 1975, approximately 30 million stimulus handout children have been born because our politicians need votes. At present, nearly 40 percent of our children are being born to unwed mothers.

In my opinion, America is a morally corrupt nation headed for economic and social chaos.

Michael F. Patterson


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