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Letter: Lancaster does not need another housing project

Lancaster does not need another housing project

I was distressed to read the July 27 News article concerning the Town of Lancaster’s consideration of yet another housing project, and, of all places, in the area of William and Penora streets.

In less than 10 years, Target and Walmart have joined Wegmans at the William/Transit intersection, and an Orville’s is under construction.

Two new traffic lights have been added on either side of Transit to total three lights within a distance of two-tenths of a mile. The lights aren’t synchronized and, frequently, motorists must stop at each one. There are three more lights in the short stretch of William between there and Lake Avenue.

During peak drive times, it’s possible to sit through two or three light changes while traffic backs up and blocks major intersections.

I’ve seen cars on William backed up from the light at Aurora to the new light at Penora Street. Recently, I experienced a 15-minute commute from Transit and William to my home 1.5 miles away. This was due only to volume and the aforementioned traffic lights; there were no unusual circumstances.

Besides severe traffic delays, the countless new developments permitted to date have resulted in felled trees and displaced wildlife, including deer who now have nowhere other than suburban lawns and streets to roam.

This includes my own backyard, where our view of nature was replaced by a Natale Builders, the same developer proposing the 42 houses in question. At the time, I telephoned and wrote to the company asking to discuss my concerns but never received the courtesy of a response.

Town Supervisor Dino Fudoli asks, “don’t we want revenue to pay for infrastructure?” Despite revenue presumably generated by big box stores and hundreds of new houses, Lancaster’s infrastructure already lags woefully behind its development. Please, Mr. Supervisor, let’s not make it any worse.

Jill Westerling


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