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Today’s young people need better role models

It’s sad but true that the remarkable lessons of great Americans like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are being drowned out by modern-day smut-mongers like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. These “moral midgets” do more to denigrate their own race than any “profiler” could ever accomplish.

However, during my 35 years of working with inner-city families and criminal offenders, I became convinced that many youths hungered for positive alternatives to their marginal existence. Unfortunately, problem solving was largely met with deafening silence from laid-back, self-serving community leaders.

If ever responsible role models are needed to inspire a meaningful turnabout, now is the time. If no one steps forward, then nightmarish hell-holes like Chicago will proliferate until such ugly exceptions become the norm that will eventually affect everyone, including you and me.

Ray Pauley

Grand Island

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