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Letter: Removing gorge parkway will create many benefits

Removing gorge parkway will create many benefits

It’s unfortunate that a recent letter writer who made disparaging comments about the proposal to remove the Niagara Gorge parkway didn’t seek out facts before expressing her misguided opinions. She states that to “destroy” the parkway would “destroy access for tourists and those who lack physical mobility.” She further asks, rhetorically, because she assumes she already knows the answer: “Is the plan to have tourists park on residential side streets and walk to the gorge rim?” This, she concludes, is “folly,” because she’s confident the answer to her question is yes.

But the answer is a firm “no.” That’s not the plan. Total gorge parkway removal would result in all four of the current vehicle access and vantage points to the gorge rim staying in place, from downtown Niagara Falls north. Ample parking at these locations, large enough to accommodate tour buses, at the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, Whirlpool and Devil’s Hole State Parks, and the Power Vista, would also remain, so tourists wouldn’t be parking on “residential side streets.”

The public advocacy for total gorge parkway removal has spanned 16 years. The uninformed should feel an obligation to check facts before speaking. The EDR study concluded that the gorge parkway should be totally removed and that doing so would create the potential for regional economic growth based on ecotourism, among other benefits. Those interested in the facts and rationales related to the issue can check www.niagaraheritage.org.

Bob Baxter

Conservation Chairman

Niagara Heritage Partnership


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