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Letter: Pushing ‘pay to play’ is a shameful practice

Pushing ‘pay to play’ is a shameful practice

With the justifiable war on public schools being waged by overtaxed, frustrated taxpayers, the ugly prejudicial practice of “pay to play” is being pushed by board of education members around New York State.

Well-to-do residents in districts like Clarence now even fall into the trap by privately raising funds to reinstate modified sports cut shamefully by board members. Modest districts like Holland are following suit by, for the first time ever, allowing children to play football for a yearly fee.

Desperate parents and community members held captive by their own school boards now charge a fee for services and equipment already owned and paid for to play this one sport. Which sport will the school board hold captive for ransom next?

Taxpayers who care not for the quality of education – because they have already gotten theirs – care only for and elect board members of the same philosophy. The dollar trumps high-quality education. Which sport or music or art program is next? It’s reminiscent of New York State saying that it won’t raise taxes and then increasing fees instead. Praise be the parents rich enough to succeed, but what about those who cannot? “Pay to play” is stealing opportunities for a quality education from all Americans.

Frank Kolbmann


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