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Letter: Resolve issues to keep Breakfast in Classroom

Resolve issues to keep Breakfast in Classroom

The mission of the Food Bank of WNY is to obtain nutritious food and support from public and private sources and efficiently distribute these resources to the hungry in Western New York through our member agencies. We understand how many children are hungry. We understand the importance of programs to combat hunger, especially with children.

The Buffalo School District has done a wonderful job of overcoming challenges or barriers associated with the Breakfast in the Classroom program. The program allowed Buffalo to feed 63 percent of its most vulnerable children in the 2011-2012 school year. On average, throughout New York State, schools reach only 29 percent of low-income students with school breakfast. This statistic shows the need in our city schools and also how well this program has been implemented.

The Food Bank understands the challenges behind implementing this program. We support both sides working on these issues. We hope a compromise can be reached to allow this successful program to continue to help feed hungry children in Buffalo.

Marylou Borowiak

President & CEO

Sarah Stimpson

Nutrition Resource Manager

Food Bank of WNY

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