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Off Main Street

The marrying kind

Even though he is not on the ballot for election this year, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs continues to trek door-to-door across the county.

The purpose, Jacobs said, is to enlighten residents about improvements in the clerk’s office and to encourage residents to renew their vehicle registrations and licenses locally. That ensures the fees generated stay in Erie County instead of going into Albany’s coffers, he said.

Last week, while canvassing a neighborhood in the Village of Sloan, Jacobs knocked on a door and shortly after introducing himself, was asked by the woman occupant if he was empowered to perform marriage ceremonies.

She and her boyfriend were seeking to get married quickly but were having trouble finding someone to perform the ceremony, the woman explained.

As it turned out, Jacobs recently became aware that county clerks in New York state do, indeed, have authority to marry couples. Jacobs told the woman that he would gladly preside over their wedding ceremony. It has been scheduled to take place at 4:30 this afternoon in their backyard on Boll Street in the village.

“They asked me if I wanted to get paid, and I said: ‘No, thank you. Just a beer will do,’ ” Jacobs said.

Another perk of being the clerk.

All Facebook is local

Two truisms came together this week: First, you can always find a video on Facebook that will tug at your heartstrings and, second, it will probably have a Western New York connection.

The video in question came from Iowa TV station KCCI about the state high school baseball championship and Trevor McCauley, the first baseman for the Johnston Dragons. McCauley’s hero, his older brother Ryan, had played in the same game five years earlier and won the state title.

But Ryan McCauley wasn’t going to be able to see Trevor play because the day of the big game, he was attending a friend’s wedding in Buffalo. It turns out Ryan is a graduate of Niagara University.

That’s where the McCauley parents stepped in. Unbeknownst to their younger son, they found a flight for Ryan and got him to the game in time to see his little brother win states.

Trevor, who himself is headed to Niagara in the fall, found out about the surprise appearance after the trophy presentation when he turned to his right, saw his hero, and jumped into his arms, screaming, “You made it! Oh my God!” as both dissolved into tears.

“I got really emotional,” Ryan told the TV station.

Yeah. (Sniff.) We know how you feel.

Media King celebrated

National Football League writer Peter King received the red carpet treatment on a recent trip to Jamestown.

Apparently, King traveled through Jamestown on his tour of NFL training camps, which he is making by recreational vehicle. He raved about the city’s minor-league baseball team – and helpful residents – in his popular Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated.

In the column, King talked about taking in a Jamestown Jammers game at the city’s historic, 72-year-old ball yard, Russell E. Diethrick Jr. Park.

He was greeted by Mayor Sam Teresi, who updated King on efforts to save the team from being transferred to Morgantown, W.Va.

While there, King said he “did a dumb thing” that, ultimately “led to a very cool thing.”

He directed his staff to park his RV on a slightly sloping grassy area that serves as the parking lot for the park. As a result, the RV got stuck on the soft ground.

Not to worry, though. King got the “City of Good Neighbors, South” treatment from groundskeeper Josh Waid.

In the sixth inning, Waid brought a tractor out to gently coerce the RV from the muck, which attracted a local crew of about a dozen do-gooders, who helped push.

It was “like an Amish barn-raising,” King said.

“Great place, Jamestown.” he added.

Written by News Staff Reporter Harold McNeil. email:

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