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Letter: Teachers want to improve school breakfast program

Teachers want to improve school breakfast program

Most people would agree that it’s a shame the situation in the Buffalo Public Schools’ breakfast program had to come to this. The Buffalo Teachers Federation brethren has always promoted and supported effective, empowering, efficient, local, healthy nutrition programs. The BTF’s current grievance simply attempts to push the community and district to improve the basic program that was rolled out several years ago.

Classroom teachers have dutifully administered the Breakfast in the Classroom program for three years now. Many promises were made, at the classroom level. The program was to be a starting point for a much larger, comprehensive and improved health and nutrition education program. What it has become is another mandated chore for teachers to accomplish and squeeze into an already short instructional day. And that is why the BTF has filed a grievance. We teachers are trying to improve BIC to be more effective, efficient and empowering for children. We have tried at the classroom and building level to get adjustments and improvements. Absent those, we’ve had to resort to the democratic process of filing a grievance. We’ve had to use the only weapon the community hears. Once again we’ve been forced to play contractual hardball. And big surprise, people don’t get it. Trust me, teachers want kids to learn on a full stomach. A good instructional day begins with a good nutritional day.

Tim Nolan


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