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Remove toll barrier or add E-ZPass lanes

If the Thruway Authority is not going to do the right thing and move the Williamsville toll booth east, closer to the Pembroke exit, at least put some common-sense changes into place before spending $14 million.

How about adding more E-ZPass lanes like the current 15 or 20 mph type? How about informing drivers miles before the booth as to which lanes are E-ZPass and which are cash?

How about some public service announcements or a marketing campaign to sign up more users? If the initial $25 is too much for some people, offer deposits of $10 or even $5, especially for those paying the ridiculous 15-cent charge from the Transit Road exit on a daily basis.

But please open more E-ZPass lanes. The merge left through four lanes of traffic to get to the E-Z lane is dangerous.

If the state isn’t going to do the right thing and move it, or better yet, eliminate it, at least make it what it claims to be: “E-Zer.”

Paul Steffan


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