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Letter: New approach could help reduce drunken driving

New approach could help reduce drunken driving

Another story about another drunken driver seriously injuring another innocent human being. As a bartender who has served a million drinks without killing anybody, I remain vigilant and fearful. And optimistic.

In spite of responsible server programs, the drunken driving death rate in New York State increased between 2000 and 2010. Meanwhile, 70 percent of drunken driving deaths are caused by drivers with blood alcohol levels of .15 or higher.

Hence, my optimism. People with BACs of .15 are visibly intoxicated people. They are easy to spot. They can be easy to stop. Let’s employ a responsible drinker program.

Apologies to Occupy Wall Street, but we need to Occupy the Bar Stool. Exploit a proven marketing technique: a simple, discreet message at the point of sale, a folded business card that resembles a traffic signal turned sideways (an apt metaphor for drunken driving). Information about drinking and driving populates the card’s interior.

Exercising responsibility may cause initial discomfort. It rarely causes arrest, death and dismemberment.

“Green Yellow Red: Better Safe Than Sorry Or Dead” is the caption on the card. It is part of a New York State-approved alcohol training awareness program. If you see it, read it.

Marty J. Walters


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