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Letter: Don’t force employees to spy on one another

Don’t force employees to spy on one another

In October 2011, by executive order, President Obama launched the Insider Threat Program, as reported by Douglas Turner in The News. Obama wants all federal employees to spy/check on their fellow employees. They are to inform the government, through proper channels, of any violations – real or imaginary – of anything that can be construed as against the security of the United States or its officials.

What an environment to work in. All employees would be subject to disciplinary action if accused. Once fed into the federal bureaucracy, especially the Justice Department, anything can happen. If you are on the “inside,” you might be scot-free. But if not, you could be accused and convicted of anything up to and including treason. Most average people don’t have the knowledge or finances to defend themselves.

Perhaps the evil is coming from the top. Who is hiring these questionable people? This sounds like the programs of Hitler and Stalin. Turn in your parents, relatives, neighbors, etc., because they may be enemies of the state. Shades of “1984.”

Joe Bauer


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