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Charlie Garfinkel’s Racket sports: Brain teasers to test your knowledge

In most tennis situations where a disagreement occurs most players feel that they know which is the correct rule to address the situation. Some of the following unusual situations and the ruling that is rendered may surprise you.

The answers are at the end of this column.

Situation 1: While Player A is rushing to the net to return a drop shot his hat falls off and touches the net as he is returning the ball successfully.

Player B immediately claims the point. He says a hat is considered part of a player’s equipment, and when equipment touches the net it results in a point for the opposing player. Player A is furious about that interpretation, and claims that the hat isn’t equipment and the point should be his. What is the correct ruling?

1. Player A is correct 2. Player B is correct 3. Play the point over.

Situation 2: Team A is playing a tough doubles match against Team B. A hard shot is hit down the middle to Team B. Both players on Team B swing at the ball at the same time. Their rackets hit as they return the ball, which goes for a winner. However, only one of the players actually makes contact with the ball.

Team A claims the point as they say it is illegal to hit a ball over the net when rackets collide, even if only one of the players actually returns the ball. Team B counters by saying that the point is theirs even though their rackets banged together. Why? Because only one player’s racket actually touched the ball and hit it over the net. What is the correct ruling?

1. Team A is correct. 2. Team B is correct. 3. Since both rackets were oversized the point should be played over.

Situation 3: During a singles match, Player A returns a shot that hits his racket twice during his swing. Player B claims that it was a “double hit” and should be his point. Player A says that his shot was perfectly legal. Who is correct?

1. Player A. 2. Player B. 3. Neither. The point is played over.

Situation 4: A well known local player (Player A) looks at written notes he had made before his match during change-overs. Player B claims that’s illegal and wants the tournament chairman to tell Player A that this is illegal. Player A states he is perfectly within his rights. What is the correct ruling?

1. Player A is correct. 2. Player B is correct. 3. Only computers are allowed on the court during matches.

Situation 5: While a ball is in play during a point, a ball from the adjacent court rolls onto the court. Player A immediately calls a let and says that the point should be played over. However, he had faulted on his first serve. Player B says that since he had faulted on his first serve Player A should be hitting a second serve. Player A is adamant, that according to the rules he is entitled to a first serve. Who is correct?

1. Player A. 2. Player B. 3. Only in a third set would a point be played over in this situation.

Tennis quiz

The following Tennis Quiz is a play on tennis related words. Fill in the blanks below.

Answers are at the end of the column.

1. After gross __________________

2. Give food in a restaurant ____________

3. Person who parks cars at a fancy restaurant _______________

4. The highest shot that you can hit _______________________

5. Cry _______________________

6. Two of a kind ________________

7. Raise your gun ________________

8. Something that you plant in the ground _______________________

9. Number and part of the arm __________

10. A tournament title that means something in the next few years ___________________

11. Third year in high school _____________

12. Another word for cut ______________

13. Goes with shirt and fracture __________

14. Adore _______________________

15. Opposite of subtract _______________

16. A long narrow place ________________

17. To place something down ____________

18. Circle bird _____________ (two words)

19. Noise _______________________

20. Part of the hand and musical group ______________ (two words)

21. Thin like rope _________________

22. Roll over sweet tasting candy ______________________

23. Something done on the spur of the moment, something you pay, noise (three syllables) _______________________

24. Mistake _______________________

25. Above and part of the body above the neck _______________________


Rules quiz answers: 1. B; 2, B; 3. A; 4. A; 5.A.

Tennis quiz answers: 1. net; 2. serve; 3. volley (valet); 4. lob; 5. bawl; 6. deuce or doubles; 7. draw; 8. seed; 9. forehand; 10. Futures; 11. Junior 12. slice; 13. tiebreak; 14. love 15. add; 16. alley; 17. set; 18. round robin; 19. racket; 20. wrist band 21. string; 22. tournament; 23. Wimbledon (Whim-bill-din); 24. error; 25. overhead.


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