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Has Will volunteered to reduce his salary?

To what depths of hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty has George Will fallen? In a recent column, he blames Detroit’s union workers for the financial hard times the city is experiencing, comparing them to parasites and concluding that they are, in fact, worse than parasites.

I assume Will makes considerably more in compensation than the police officers and firefighters who put their lives at risk every day on behalf of the citizens they serve. I also assume he is aware of the tenuous condition of his own industry – the print media – as evidenced by the recent sales of the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and Newsweek magazine. May we then assume that, in an exercise of noblesse oblige, he has given back to support his “host” by reducing his salary significantly or foregoing it altogether? I think we know that for Will, that’s a sacrifice for others to make.

Timothy J. Cooper


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