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Letter: Bishops reinterpret the pope’s message

Bishops reinterpret the pope’s message

The Catholic Church finally has a pope who has taken a step toward expressing the true Christian belief of acceptance and respect for all regardless of their sex or sexual orientation. Meanwhile, his cardinals and bishops are tripping over each other to get to a microphone to explain that’s not what he really meant and that the old dogmatic prejudices are still firmly in place. How horrifying it must be for the church’s hierarchy to consider that a committed relationship between gays might actually be blessed by God or that God sees women as equal to men.

Perhaps the pope should be less concerned with dragging his bishops, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century and instead educate them on Christ’s teachings about unqualified love and “judge ye not…” that Christ espoused back in the first century.

Paul Cena


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