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‘Climate Walker’ makes it to Ohio, cuts short cross-country trek

The Climate Walker, who passed through the Buffalo area in early July, has called it quits after several near misses with traffic in Ohio.

David Henry of St. Louis, Mo., ended his planned walk across America to discuss climate change almost exactly two months after he started his journey in Boston, Mass. On Thursday, he posted a message on his Facebook page explaining his decision to park his cart.

“Yes. I’m home. For a variety of reasons I’ve decided to cut my journey short,” he wrote. “Of these reasons, the most serious is my safety on the roads. I have had a couple of very close calls with traffic and I don’t want to push my luck any further.

“I made it as far as South Charleston, OH – walking a total of 1042 miles. I returned home yesterday after 60 days of walking. I’m exhausted and it’s great to be home.”

Henry, a 52-year-old IT professional, was hoping his trek would help get regular people talking about the need to address climate change at all levels, from personal and local to national and global. He had noted online that once he got into Ohio, the roads became more treacherous than those he followed in Massachusetts and New York, and far fewer people passing by stopped to talk.

“Even though I didn’t make it to the Pacific coast,” he wrote, “I believe I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do. I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people about the challenges of climate change. Many of the people I’ve talked to would not normally talk about climate change and I’m convinced that many of them will carry on the conversations with their families, friends and neighbors.”

Henry plans to continue the discussion on his website, climate-walker.org.

– Melinda Miller

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