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GOP is doing its best to let government fail

An article in The News read: “This week congressional Republicans tacitly rejected any approaches to next year’s budget, leaving frustrated lawmakers wondering how they will keep the government open past September.”

Again the Republican representatives of the poorest states in the country, which get more than a dollar for every dollar in taxes paid, want the government to fail. This is just another way of firing on Fort Sumter in a new civil war. The South keeps refighting the Civil War in Congress. Too bad the North just didn’t let the traitors secede back in 1861.

I wonder what would have evolved in what was a mostly agrarian society, with half of the population holding the other half in bondage.

Republican officeholders under the control of rich donors are still trying to treat workers as slaves, reducing pay and demanding longer hours on the job. What amazes me is that people keep electing Republicans to office in the poorest states. I guess voters must really love those chains.

Richard Czarnecki


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