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Letter: Caring for our veterans should be a top priority

Caring for our veterans should be a top priority

Profiting from war is nothing new. While our young men and women sacrifice their all, contractors are reaping huge profits. Look toward Afghanistan, where millions of our tax dollars were used to construct a national park, while American soldiers could not get the proper armor to protect themselves in the battlefield. The United States spent over $150 million building unusable and unwanted structures, while hundreds of thousands of physically and emotionally discharged American military personnel cannot receive proper medical treatment in this country because there are no permanent buildings in which to receive needed care.

Millions of dollars in armaments are being destroyed, while wounded American veterans fall upon hard times trying to get the medical help that they not only desperately require, but deserve.

Who is there in Congress to stand beside our veterans to ensure that they receive proper medical attention? Who in Congress is standing up to make sure that prosthetic limbs are available for each and every veteran who lost a limb in combat? As they say, and is proven time and again, there is no sanity in war. Imagine if our government leaders placed the interests of our veterans before the profits of their contributors. Let’s turn the tide and care about the safety and welfare of our veterans first and foremost.

James E. Manley

West Seneca

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