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Letter: GOP is responsible for loss of many jobs

GOP is responsible for loss of many jobs

It seems every time you pick up the paper some Republican like John Boehner or some columnist like Douglas Turner is blaming the Obama administration for our losses in the manufacturing sector. Let’s look back on how our country became the most powerful manufacturing nation. Immigrants came into this country from around the world, and with them they brought many skills, an ideal work ethic and a commitment to the companies they worked for. They started unions to protect themselves from unscrupulous companies.

Then along came Ronald Reagan, who was anti-union. The job losses started with the air-traffic controllers and continued throughout his term. Next came George H.W. Bush, and the destruction of the unions was again the GOP’s main platform. We all know what happened after that – the recession. After eight years of progressive action by Bill Clinton, we again elected an anti-union president in George W. Bush. Republicans figured that with the unions gone, they could gain control. Thanks to their way of thinking, millions of good manufacturing jobs were gone.

In his recent column, Turner used data taken from the American Alliance for Manufacturing to fault President Obama for these losses. What Turner failed to mentioned is that during Bush’s term, more than 50,000 factories were closed. Our trade deficit with China alone was $300 billion at the end of his term. These actions also hurt the trade agreements with other countries because now, instead of us being a leader, we import more than we make domestically.

Last of all, why is there still legislation sitting in the House that would stop giving tax breaks to companies that leave America? Let’s stop being fooled by the half-truths and open our eyes to the deceitful ways of Boehner and the radical right wing.

Joseph T. Procakiewicz


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