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Letter: Developers receive far too many perks

Developers receive far too many perks

In regard to the July 23 News editorial, “Falls Council’s attempted money grab threatens desperately needed project,” the Hamister Group didn’t want only prime property for $100,000. It wanted every perk and giveaway that every developer expects nowadays. Dollar General recently paid $140,000 for vacant farmland on the outskirts of Wilson, where a new store is under construction. Surely prime property in a tourist mecca is worth more than $100,000. If there was a previous deal with Hamister that the property would be a gift, then not one perk should be given. Niagara Falls needs money now, not 20 years from now, when the perks end. On the topic of the Hamister Hotel, the editorial said nothing about the fact that patrons would have to park in the crumbling Rainbow Mall garage.

Another editorial spoke favorably about the Robert Moses Parkway removal, with the typical reason that it will connect the gorge with the residents. The parkway was fine until it was abandoned by the state and fell victim to “do-gooder” ideas. Long before Moses designed the parkway, residents had no access to the gorge rim. Railroads cut them off. The parkway always provided access to viewing areas and hiking.

I have lived in Wilson for more than 70 years. My only free access to the lake was a tiny area at the northern end of Route 425 and, in recent years, a small village park next to the sewage plant at the harbor. To destroy the parkway is to destroy access for tourists and those who lack physical mobility. Is the plan to have tourists park on residential side streets and walk to the gorge rim? Folly.

Marlene Schotz


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