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Bills’ worst draft picks

1. Walt Patulski, DE, 1972. No. 1 overall. Pro football was an anticlimax for the Notre Damer. He did little in four seasons and was out of the league after five.

2. Mike Williams, OT, 2002. No. 4 overall. The 370-pounder from Texas didn’t love the game enough to be great. Started 3ø seasons for the Bills and was out of the league after 4ø seasons.

3. Phil Dokes, DE, 1977. No. 12 overall. A bust from Day One, he was out of the league after only two seasons. Miami took quality edge rusher A.J. Duhe 13th overall.

4. Aaron Maybin, LB, 2009. No. 11 overall. Undersized, one-year wonder did nothing in two seasons in Buffalo.

5. Tony Hunter, TE, 1983. No. 12 overall. Played only two seasons with the Bills and was out of the league after 3ø years.

6. J.P. Losman, QB, 2004. No. 22 overall. The Bills traded up to get him. He had plenty of doubters entering the draft. He went 10-23 as a starter.

7. Tom Cousineau, LB, 1979. No. 1 overall. The fact that he went to the CFL instead of Buffalo wasn’t the fault of the talent evaluators. But Cousineau wasn’t that good once he got to the NFL in 1982. He started for four of his six seasons.

8. Tom Ruud, LB, 1975. No. 19 overall. A quality Bills team desperately needed LB help, but it was a terrible draft for LBs. He lasted just three years in Buffalo.

9. Perry Tuttle, WR, 1982. No. 19 overall. Had speed but little else. Lasted just 2ø years in the NFL.

10. Erik Flowers, DE, 2000. No. 26 overall. Another bust from Day One and a reach pick, he started six games in his career and was out of Buffalo after two seasons. Darren Howard, taken just after him, had a 67-sack career.

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