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Peace in Middle East will never be attained

In 1993, after the Oslo agreement between Israel and the PLO, I composed a letter to the editor that could have been titled, “It is a dream that will never come true.” I didn’t send the letter because I didn’t want to be pessimistic. That thought is still fresh today as Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to get the parties to negotiate a settlement.

God gave Jewish and Muslim people the torch to light the way for humanity to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood. Unfortunately, they extinguished the torch and now walk in darkness. Consequently, God motivated them to confound each other to the end of time.

In the history of mankind, there were no people who have ever been persecuted, based on ethnicity, as much as the Jews in the past and the Muslims at present. They reap what they sow. The Torah and the Quran highlighted the facts.

Ahmed Jamil


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