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Zimmerman could have used his maturity to avoid a fight

As I see it, George Zimmerman is not innocent of wrongdoing. Had he stayed in the car as requested by the 911 operator while waiting for the police to arrive, Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

As a neighborhood watchman, Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin. But there was no need for Zimmerman to confront Martin unless he was committing a crime.

Also, I don’t believe he had to shoot Martin to protect himself. He had the power to terminate the confrontation he began. Zimmerman was the adult of the two and had a gun, which he could have used in a nonviolent manner.

As Martin walked down the street, he felt Zimmerman was following him intentionally. Was he out to harm him? No matter who initiated the quarrel and physical contact, if Zimmerman felt his life was in danger he could have fled back to his car or used his gun to make Martin sit on the ground until the police arrived.

Young Martin died because of Zimmerman’s lack of common sense, over-aggressiveness, coldheartedness and a distorted law that allows such carelessness.

Judy Catalano


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