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Letter: Weinstein has achieved big initiatives for Amherst

Weinstein has achieved big initiatives for Amherst

Note is made of the Buffalo News editorial board’s enthusiasm for Ulster County Executive Mike Hein’s initiatives. Yet right here in Erie County, Amherst Supervisor Dr. Barry Weinstein has been successfully reorganizing Amherst government for four years.

Under his leadership, Amherst has implemented several innovative solutions to reduce taxes and streamline the local government.

The town licensed out its museum to reduce its dependence on public money, sold its unprofitable compost facility and renegotiated the waste management contract with a very successful recycling rebate. These three solutions alone will save Amherst taxpayers nearly $13 million over five years.

Amherst has lowered expenses and Weinstein has reduced the tax levy for three consecutive years by eliminating more than $20 million in spending, without cutting services. He has reduced staff without layoffs through attrition, increased park lands by 137 acres and renegotiated the town’s health insurance three times.

Weinstein ran on a platform of no Amherst property tax increase for four years. He continues to seek out ways to eliminate wasteful spending and bad practices. Amherst’s program can be replicated anywhere in Erie County. It’s called good government and fiscally responsible leadership.

Lisa Kistner


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